How to choose the right retirement village?

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Picking a retirement village is a life-changing event, the correct villages have proven to extend the length and overall quality of their resident’s lives. With this in mind, we have completed a list of ten things you should consider before choosing the right retirement at The Village Retirement Group retirement homes for you.


  1. Start by picking a village that suits you, one that best meets the requirements of your existing lifestyle. Do you crave the privacy of your own apartment or do you want to accompany other village residents on long walks in wide-open spaces? Beach, City, Mountains or Bush?, you decide.
  2. The best advice is to visit many villages, before making any decision, Knowledge is power and will allow you to make the most informed decision.
  3. Always talk to current residents, this is where you will get the frankest appraisals of the villages.
  4. Talk to the managers, both day and night, these are completely responsible for the day to day running of the facility.
  5. Get a complete breakdown of the monthly and annual costs. Make sure that your copy is signed, dated and if possible stamped.
  6. If possible attend a residents committee meeting, never choose a village where residents have no control.
  7. Whether you or a pet lover or not. It is important that you ask about the villages full pet policy
  8. Get a complete breakdown of the village’s services and activities and any extra cost that might be incurred. Being able to pursue your passion is vitally important for your future mental and physical health. Don’t compromise.
  9. Health is wealth, find out about the village’s support and care services. Do they have a GP who regularly visits, access to age-related health care facilities, on-site nurses etc?
  10. Always seek correct financial and legal advice before signing any contracts, expert advise is essential for a safe transition to a village.