Is Fraser suites Melbourne a nice play to stay

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Whether you come to Melbourne for leisure or business, you have to find a place to stay. Fraser Place short term accommodation in Melbourne is a modern fully equipped hotel in the heart of the business and entertainment hub of the city that you will definitely enjoy staying at. The hotel meets you with a stunning interior design that combines comfort and style, and a five-star accommodation featuring a wide range of amenities and facilities. Studio deluxe, executive and premium are the options that you have to choose from. Each of the 112 rooms are fully furnished, clean, and generously equipped. All suites boast luxurious bedding, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, working tables, soft armchairs, smartphone docking stations and kitchen areas, consisting of a gas cooktop, a sink, and a dishwasher. Executive and premium suites are the best option for you if you love luxury. Your stay will be complemented with expensive furniture, last generation appliances, and a large terrace that opens up impressive views at the city’s modern infrastructure and imposing skyscrapers. Also, these suites are more spacious, providing you with enough room to do your errands. Executive suites are often chosen by families, having all accommodations for a comfortable family stay. The hotel offers also a wide variety of entertainment facilities that are meant to add color to your routine and make you enjoy each second of your stay at Fraser Place. There is a gym with a diverse selection of equipment for maintaining in shape all parts of your body, as well as a yoga center for reuniting with your soul and senses after a hard-working day.


All in all, Fraser Suites Melbourne is definitely a nice place to stay, providing you with a wide range of accommodation facilities that bring comfort and style to your stay. You have everything needed for a traveler, from soft beds and free wi-fi to overwhelming city views and a fully-equipped gym.