Tips For Repair Dented Panels in Vehicles

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The panel of almost every car or other vehicle will get dented when anything heavy falls on it. It is advisable to repair the dent at the earliest, since it is likely to spread and damage the entire vehicle. However if the vehicle owner will go to a garage the repair charges will be fairly high, usually more than $100 for a small dent. Hence many vehicle owners would like to find out how to repair dinted panels themselves in an inexpensive manner, and save some money. While the ease of repairing the dent depends on the size of the dent, there are some methods which are used extensively by professionals such as David Deicke.

It should be noted that the method selected for repairing dents depends to a large extent on the material of the panel. Vehicle panels are made from different materials like steel, plastic, fiberglass and aluminum. Some of the methods used for removing plastic dents will not be effective for metal panels since the melting point for the plastics is usually lower. The dented plastic material is first heated by throwing boiling water on it or by using a hair dryer or similar tool. The plastic will become softer, and by applying pressure, it should be possible to pop the dent.

Another popular method for removing the dent involves using a cup type plunger which is used in the basin. The plunger is made wet with a soapy solution , along with the vehicle surface which is dented. The plunger is applied with pressure on the dented surface repeatedly till the dent will pop and revert to its original position. This method is effective for smaller dents. However for larger dents the panel may have to be removed from the vehicle, after removing all the hardware for fixing. A rubber or other hammer is then used to apply force on the dented surface, so that the surface is flattened all the dents are removed