What is Carbon Underwear?

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Heard of carbon underwear but aren’t quite sure what it does? Well, we are going to go over everything on this page…as well as cover a few reasons why we think it may be beneficial.

What is carbon underwear?

Carbon underwear is underwear which is laced with a small carbon pad on the back of them. The idea is that when you suffer from flatulence, the carbon pad will absorb the smell and it can’t escape from the underwear at all. Seriously. Nobody will be able to smell it (if you purchase a high quality pair of underwear). The smell won’t linger around either. It will be neutralised by the carbon pad.

Unlike other options on the market for dealing with flatulence, affordable carbon underwear is reusable. The carbon pad will have the ability to absorb smells throughout the day (even if you have excessive flatulence). After that, you will need to put it in the wash. This will reactivate the carbon pad, which will allow it to absorb the various smells again. Washing will have no negative impact on the carbon pad, assuming you dry out the underwear properly after cleaning.

Who is carbon underwear designed for?

Anybody can wear carbon underwear. If you suffer from flatulence issues, or don’t want to run the risk, then picking up carbon underwear is fine. There won’t be a negative impact when you wear them. However, some people may benefit from carbon underwear more than others. If you suffer from one of the following conditions (not an exhaustive list), then you may benefit from them:

  • Colitis
  • Food intolerance
  • Digestive issues
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Dyspepsia

Remember; pick up a quality pair of carbon underwear and nobody will ever be able to tell that you are wearing anything different to standard underwear. The best brands will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, meaning you will be able to find something that is absolutely perfect for you.