What is physiotherapy

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What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is defined as the provision of services to individuals to restore or maintain their physical and functional state, especially after a period of illness or injury, but is most often carried out to optimize their physical abilities. A physiotherapy is a form of healthcare that aims to treat many injuries and diseases using various methods and movements. Many of the methods used in this form of therapy are manipulated to treat injuries based on a practical approach to the musculoskeletal system.


How physiotherapy work

Physiotherapists focus not only on one part of the body that is injured, but during treatment, they see the whole body as a whole. They believe that the source of the problem lies somewhere in the body, and not just in the affected area. The main goal is to restore the body to a normal functional state. Adding exercise to your routine can help improve the mobility of the affected side. Energy therapy, which uses electrical impulses to enhance and facilitate the healing process, is very unusual. Sometimes treatment also includes hydrotherapy, which uses water. Water-resistance is the body that can help you relax your muscles when you press harder during exercise.


When to do physiotherapy

Many people consider physiotherapy an exercise that effectively supports the working condition of the human body. However, physiotherapy is more than an exercise under the supervision of physiotherapists. Some of the conditions in which physiotherapy can be useful include trauma, rehabilitation after trauma (after a fracture, after surgery), muscle problems, joint diseases (osteoarthritis), neck and back pain, back problems (pain) sciatica, cleft spine) headache (headache), neurological disorders (stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis), problems with urination (urinary incontinence), gynecological problems (childbirth, prolapse of the uterus and vagina), pulmonary and heart diseases (chronic lung disease).


Who performs physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not just an exercise consisting of repetitive and straightforward steps. Optimal use is sometimes a problem even for experienced physiotherapists. The use of appropriate physical therapy depending on age, gender, physical condition, the severity of the disease, and physical abilities are some of the factors that influence the approach of physiotherapeutic treatment. Therefore, for this purpose, only people with extensive knowledge, sufficient experience, and specialized knowledge is required. Such a person is called a physiotherapist. Book an appointment with our Prahran physiotherapists.