Who Is David Tricarico?

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When it comes to successful Australian property developers, David Tricarico founded Australian Automobile Sales as well as co-founding Adepto Corporation. Whether it is the automotive niche or the property niche, David Tricarico has helped turn both business ventures into multi-million dollar businesses.

When it comes to Adepto Corporation and their housing investments, David is looking to copy a form of generational housing that is very popular in Europe. And being that David Tricarico is of Italian descent, he understands how to bring a European style of living style to Australia that has Italian influences. And whether it is a large home, a luxury townhouse or a stunning boutique apartment project, David Tricario is looking for large living spaces and luxury apartments to invest in.

Adepto Corporation and Australian Automobile Sales were both founded in 2014-2015, but are only growing in profits, which is a testament to Tricarico and his team planning and smart approaches. Indeed, Tricarico is looking to grow Adepto Co, by establishing a venture capital arm as part of it for many small Australian-owned start-up companies. The goal is to have this arm of their business group running by 2020-2021.

AAS, which runs a wholesale vehicle division as well as a retail branch, was noted to have a vehicle turnover of 1,000 vehicles, annually. Tricarico is planning to grow this arm to 3,000 vehicles, annually by 2020. For those who want to own a dream car, AAS has an exclusive division that can recreate a favorite car from movies — the skies the limit for those potential dream car owners.

Regarding his educational background, Tricarico earned his bachelor’s in Civil Engineering as well as his Master’s degree from Monash University in Infrastructure Engineering and Management.