Zoom Recruitment

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What is zoom recruitment Australia? Zoom recruitment is a recruitment, consulting, and training firm that offers professional services and can help both employers and employees find mutually beneficial fits. Zoom provides job seekers and companies with temporary or permanent work within the following sectors: light industrial, commercial, civil, construction, and trade. On the company’s website applicants will find a list of jobs, currently available throughout Australia (it should be noted that the majority of the jobs available are in major population centers; Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney and as of November, 2019 there are no Zoom offices in the Northern territory).


If your company is looking for safety certifications and or training Zoom offers nationally accredited courses in the following areas: forklift training and assessment, construction induction courses, occupational health and safety officers courses and training, manual handling, overhead crane operation training, and first aid (level 1 & 2) training. Zoom continually offers new training courses based on client feedback and wider market trends, making it a certainty that whatever your company needs, Zoom will offer it.


As a job hunter, getting started with Zoom is quick and easy. On the Zoom recruitment website all of the potential forms that candidates will need to fill out are posted, as well as a contact forum should you need to reach out to a recruiter. Jobs are searchable by type (i.e construction, administration) and location. The beauty of Zoom is the beauty of the internet, in that both employers and potential employees can access, post, or apply to jobs from the comfort of their own homes. Should you need to speak with someone in person, there are 9 physical Zoom recruiting locations across Australia.


What is Zoom Recruitment Australia? Zoom is an all inclusive hiring and training organization, that helps both companies and employees find their perfect fit.